How to Change Language on Facebook

How to Change Language on Facebook
How to Change Language on Facebook

How to Change Language on Facebook

So, how to change language on Facebook? Isn’t it an interesting question? However, to change the Facebook language, one needs to follow a few easy steps and that is 100% super simple. Facebook has more than 100 languages in its database. This social media platform is used by over one billion languages itself other than English. Facebook is the world’s largest social network site. Therefore it has more than 900 million users.

So Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 2004 while he was attending the Harward University. In addition, the company’s 2012 IPO and valuation of about $100 billion are among the largest tech history.

Importance of Facebook

This Social media platform helps its users to connect, share and give information and content to millions of others, in other words, it also helps users to publish their business online by creating a Facebook Business page. The importance of Facebook cannot be ignored because it plays an important role in our day to day lives.

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Reset language on Facebook?

1. Log in to the Facebook account.

How to Change Language on Facebook
Selecting Facebook settings

So you need to login to your Facebook account. So once you are on your Facebook account. Go ahead and click on the small inverted triangle next to the question mark. Once you have clicked on the inverted triangle. You will see a drop-down option. From the drop-down, select Settings.

2. Select Language and region option

How to Change Language on Facebook
Photo of Language and region

Once you have clicked on settings. Then click on the Language and region option located on the left mid-bottom part of the page. So that you can change the Facebook language.

3. Click on Edit to change the settings

How to Change Language on Facebook
Photo of Editing Language and region

Then after clicking on language and region, under language and region settings. You will see a section that says Facebook Language. This option will come up in the very first place. Very next to that you will see an option which says Edit. So, click on Edit to change the language settings.

4. Select preferred language

How to Change Language on Facebook
Photo of selecting preferred language

Besides the Facebook language section, you will see a dropdown. So, click on the drop-down and select the preferred language. Once you select the preferred language select Save Changes.

5. Facebook customer service

So if the issue is not getting resolved then you can contact Help Desk for instant help. In addition to that experts can guide to change Facebook language real quick.

Note: If you still don’t understand how to change your language on Facebook. Then don’t hesitate to contact Facebook Support for instant help.

How to Change Language on Facebook

For Android Devices

Above all researchers have found that, according to the data of 2020, and in the world of social media, 98 % of users access their user accounts via any kind of phone. So, it is estimated that this can increase up to 100% in the upcoming years. However, changing the language of Facebook on a phone is super easy. Therefore, below are a few steps to change the Facebook language on the phone.

1. Open Facebook App

How to Change Language on Facebook
Photo of Facebook on Android phone

So first of all open up your Facebook application on your smartphone.

2. Select menu options.

How to Change Language on Facebook
Photo of menu option

So now go to the top right corner. Similarly, you will see 3 horizontal lines over there. So you can click on it.

3. Select settings and privacy

How to Change Language on Facebook
photo of settings and privacy

Now go all the way down and don’t stop until you see Settings and Privacy. So that you can change the language on Facebook. After that click on that option.

4. Select the preferred language

How to Change Language on Facebook
Photo of language options in Facebook

So here you will see Device Language under the language section. However, these all are the languages that you can use to run your Facebook and you can change the Facebook language accordingly. Therefore you can click on the preferred language that you want to use. For instance, you can change the Facebook language according to your choice.

How to Change Language on Facebook

For i-Phone Users  (iOS 7 i-phone X, i-Phone 8)

So this is a quick informational article on changing the Facebook language when we don’t recognize the language displayed. So in such type of cases in this article, we are going to actually explain to you to change your language settings back to English or whatever language. You got to change the language because you accidentally changed it to a different language or somebody changed it for you. So here are the steps that you want to take. So here are the steps that you want to take.

1. Select Settings

Change language back to English
change language on Facebook from i-phone

So first of all, you actually need to go into settings. So you need to pick the gear icon from the home screen.

2. Choose General

Photo of General settings

Then once you’re in settings you want to scroll down and pick general which is the other gear.

3. Click on the 4th option from the bottom

setting option
Photo of settings option

So now once you’re in general then, go all the way to the bottom and pick the option which is fourth one from the bottom

4. Select the Language

Photo of Language Settings
Photo of Language Settings
Photo of language options
Photo of language options
Photo of Language selection
Photo of Language confirmation

After that, once you select the option then you need to pick the first option now. Then once you’ve selected that, you need to actually select the language ( For example- English or whichever language). After that press the option “done”.

5. Setting language

setting language
Photo of saving settings

So once you press the option “done” then it will say setting language. So that’s how you can change your language actually to any other language.

Note: For any additional help, contact Facebook Help Center

Why Did My Facebook Language Change

It’s a good question to ask: why did my Facebook language change. The reason why I said it is a good question to ask is that, when you ask this question you are trying to know the reason why it happens and that questions how secure your account is? We understand when you ask this question, it means that the Facebook language changed all of sudden without your knowledge. So let me answer your question: why did my Facebook language change. 

Generally when you use any VPN(Virtual Private Network) or if you have traveled to any other country and used your Facebook account there it could result in an automatic change of the Facebook language. The Facebook web application is designed in such a way that it will work according to your convenience. So it always wants to provide you the best interface and a communicable interface. That is the only reason why your Facebook language gets changed accordingly when it detects your login IP (Internet Protocol) address.

If You have not traveled any foreign location or never used a VPN, that means someone else did, that is the only reason and answer for your question, why did my Facebook language change.

How To Get It Resolved

  • So, first of all, change your password immediately creates a strong password that cannot be brute-forced by any software or any operating system.
  • Basically, use numbers, letters, and characters combination password to make it stronger, and always remember one thing passwords are like our toothbrush that should not be shared with anyone else.
  • In addition, avoid using your Facebook account on any third-party app and do not use your Facebook credentials to sign up for any third party app or websites.
  • Use your latest phone number on your Facebook so it can be useful to reset the password any time even if anyone changes it.
  • Update your new phone number before you plan to change your current phone number, Use two-factor authentication features to get your account secured to the fullest.

How To Change Language On Facebook – Frequently Asked Questions

People also searched for the following queries listed below and get their questions answered.

Why is my Facebook in Spanish?

Basically, there can be different reasons why the Facebook language is in Spanish. One of the most important reasons is the third party website signup. If you sign-up for a Spanish website using your Facebook information then this thing can happen. Another reason is accepting cookies. There is an automatic box that usually pops-up when you visit any websites. These are the notifications to accept cookies. So, when these cookies are downloaded to your browsing history then it can change your default language. So, you can delete your browsing history including the cookies, cache files, and passwords. Try to login after deleting it. You can also go through the above article on “how to change language on Facebook” for deep understanding.

How to return Facebook to English?

Resetting the Facebook language back to English is technically simple. You can scroll up and go through this article. You will come across various troubleshooting methods. This article gives you a brief understanding of how to change Facebook language using your computer, i-phone, or tablet.

Why is my Facebook in french

As we have discussed before, there could be multiple reasons. Deleting your browsing history should be the primary action to be taken. If still the issue is not resolved then contact Facebook Help Center for instant help.

How to change language setting on Facebook

Changing the language settings on Facebook is common. Go to settings scroll down to settings and privacy. Select your language. Save your settings. If you want more detailed information then scroll up and go through the article once on “how to change language on Facebook”.

How to switch languages on Facebook

So, there are 43 languages you can choose on Facebook. So, log in to your Facebook account. Then scroll down to the very bottom area (footer). There you will find all the languages which you can choose from. Select your language to make it default and save the settings. The above article is all about changing the Facebook language back to English.

How to Change Language on Facebook
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