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People contact Facebook support when they face any issue. So, there are 1.69 billion active Facebook users in the world. Facebook is currently the most popular social networking site in the world. It provides support for all Facebook users. Facebook Support is known as the king of customer service.

Facebook is having so many features. People can chat with each other anywhere in the world. It is also having many entertainment features. Local business owners are using it to promote their business. They find it very useful. Facebook Marketplace is providing them an opportunity to sell their products online.

How Facebook Support Is Helping Business Owners

Note: If you need any assistance regarding your Facebook account then, you can contact Facebook Customer Service.

I addition, many business owners are dependent on Facebook and they are using the Facebook business page as a tool for marketing. Even with many Facebook features, people get many issues. So many issues can make a bad user experience. Users can contact Facebook support at any time for help. People contact Facebook support when the issue is not getting resolved. This article is helping people to fix severe issues on Facebook. We have also mentioned many ways to contact Facebook Support for any help.

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Importance Of Facebook Support

Above all, the average adults are spending 42 minutes on Facebook regularly and senior citizens are spending 3.2 hours on Facebook daily. However, most of the users are disappointed when they facing any problem. Within Facebook, there are many issues. Many people resolve their issues themselves. So, people who are not computer experts find it very difficult.

How The Support Center of Facebook Can Help You

So, old people need professional help for Facebook issues. Probably that is the reason why this article is for. Facebook is having a department of dedicated and skilled experts. Above all, Facebook deals with various kinds of issues that users face and provide simple solutions to it and Facebook Support is designed to resolve all your queries instantly. So, at Help Desk, we are providing solutions to all Facebook issues and we also make sure that the customers are not disappointed. If you are facing any issues regarding Facebook, then you must contact Facebook Support.

Why To Contact Facebook Support

So, there are almost 75% of us are using Facebook regularly. No doubt, it is having many features. Therefore these features help us to stay connected with the world. In other words, we can talk to anyone in the world just in a few clicks. There are many issues and queries linked to Facebook. Some issues may be resolved manually without any Facebook support. However, if you are facing issues then contact Facebook support for help. Basically, all problems can be resolved within a few minutes.

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Facebook Support

Facebook Privacy Settings Recommended By Facebook Support

Facebook support
Facebook privacy settings

So, to access our global privacy settings we need to go to the top right corner of our screen. After that, click on the drop-down menu that looks like an upside-down triangle. Then from the drop-down menu we need to click on settings from the settings page. We need to click on privacy now. There’s a couple of different locations here that deal with privacy. We’ve got the privacy tab that we just clicked on. So, first of all in these privacy settings and tools, you can see that we have a number of different options.

Who can see my stuff?

The first one is we can specify who is allowed to see our future posts on Facebook. So, by default that should be set to friends. However, we can edit this and we can make our future posts public. Or we could also specify that we want friends to see it except certain friends. So we could click on the friends to accept option and then choose the friends that we don’t want to see our future posts. Or we could get even more specific. And only show our future posts to specific friends that we choose. Or we could make it so that by default we are the only people that get to see our future posts unless otherwise specified.

Review all your post and things you’re tagged in

After that, the next option in the list is to review all of the posts and items that we’ve been tagged in. So if you’ve been keeping up with this there won’t be anything in here. But if you maybe have been tagged in some photos and haven’t reviewed them. Yet you could click on the user activity log to review those photos and decide whether or not they should be posted on your Facebook account.

Facebook support
Privacy settings panel

Limit the Audience

Then the next option allows us to limit the audience for our past posts. So let’s say we’ve been using Facebook for three years and we’ve made some post public some private. Some for friends some for this some for that. If we want to go back all at once and make all of those posts just for our friends. We can click on limit past posts and then we can click on the button that says limit old posts. Then it will change all of our posts to friends. So any public posts that we’ve made on our Facebook wall, Facebook Timeline will now be seen only by friends. So that’s a good way to really quickly go back. And make sure that you don’t have anything visible that you don’t want other people to see.

Who can contact me? You can choose who can send you friend requests on Facebook. Therefore, that’s pretty self-explanatory you could leave it. So that anybody can send you a friend request or you could change it to just friends of friends

Who can look me up?
Then, you can choose who can look you up on Facebook. By first your email address. So who’s allowed to use your email address to find you. You can set to everyone or you could limit that to just friends. You could change those options by clicking on the edit button to the right.

Do you want search engines outside of Facebook
So do you want your Facebook profile to show up in Google search you can choose whichever option is best for you?

Timeline And Tagging

Facebook support
Timeline and tagging

Above all features, this is probably even more important it’s a little more specific on how we can manage our privacy on Facebook. So first of all who can post to our timeline by default, I have set to friends but as you can see. I could change that to only me so none of my friends will be able to post on your timeline. However there is the second option that allows you to review posts. This allows reviewing posts that friends tagged you in before they appear on your timeline.

Facebook Support

When You Should Contact Facebook Support

Account Is Disabled

Most people contact Facebook support when their account gets disabled. Or when their Facebook business pages are disabled. We are going to talk about the steps in order to try to recover your Facebook account. Before that, we’re going to talk about how to avoid this. Because if you’re using Facebook for business to make money online. Or if you’re running multiple Facebook pages you want to avoid this at all costs. So here are some of the steps that you gotta take in order to avoid this. These steps will ensure that your pages will remain safe. You’re not going to lose your pages.

Facebook Language Changes Automatically

So, there are many cases when people find that the language of Facebook is different. There are various reasons for it. Few reasons are mentioned below:

  • When you are using a VPN (virtual private network)
  • You sign up for any third party websites using Facebook login information.
  • Your account is compromised from a different location.
  • Multiple logins on single account from two different locations
  • You clicked on a different language accidentally from the footer part of Facebook.

There are also many other reasons for it. You can read about How to change language on Facebook from the blog section of this website.

Why Most People Lose Access To Their Facebook Account?

It is mainly because they have broken some of the Facebook rules and regulations. So, let say you’re running a Facebook page right now. Let us assume you’re posting content on multiple Facebook pages. Then you may get a copyright violation. You may get copyright violations for many reasons like:

  • For one of your videos on your pages was taken down.
  • One of your images was reported or something. So most likely your personal Facebook profile will get hit with that violation
  • So let’s say that in 12 months you get 1015 violations then you are at risk of getting your Facebook account disabled.

After that when you lose access to your personal Facebook profile then most likely you will lose access to your Facebook pages as well. We hear countless stories of people who have Facebook pages with hundreds of thousands of likes. They have good articles and posts. And they have lost access completely to those pages. It is because the main admin account that was linked to those pages is now gone. Facebook has disabled their accounts. Now they have no way to access those Facebook pages. So your entire business could be gone overnight if you don’t actually take this seriously.

Facebook Support Solution

1. How To Recover Your Facebook Account And Page From Any Copyright Violation.

So here’s the solution that you do if you’re running Facebook pages. Right now the obvious thing would be to have multiple admins for your Facebook page. I know that you might be thinking, well I don’t want to give access to random people to my Facebook pages. They can easily just remove me from admin and I would lose access to my Facebook pages. Of course, you don’t want to do that. What you want to do is you want to use friends and family people that you truly trust. Who have Facebook pages and they simply don’t use it for business? So let’s say your mom’s Facebook account your dad’s Facebook account your brothers or people who have in the regular Facebook account, who don’t use Facebook for business.

2. Making Multiple Admins On Facebook Account Or Pages

You can give them access as an admin to your page. As a backup, it doesn’t mean that you’re gonna be using their Facebook profiles to do any type of advertising. Or uploading content or any of that. You’re simply gonna give them access as an admin. You’re gonna keep using your own Facebook profile to upload content and maintain your Facebook pages. But you want to have at least two or three admins on your Facebook pages. Because this is gonna be used as a backup in case something happens to your own personal Facebook profile.

Now I would also recommend getting a second Facebook account and this will be something that you truly don’t use. You only have access to this account and again you can use a family member’s Facebook account if they don’t use it. And if they want to give it to you then you can use that as a backup and just never upload or do anything with that account. Just leave it as an admin. Facebook decides tomorrow to delete your Facebook profile. You will simply get access to those pages again because you have given multiple people access to those pages.

Real Information About Facebook Support

Let’s talk about Facebook support here today. If someone is looking really hard to find support for Facebook, then I’m going to introduce you to the real truth here in this blog. If you are going to google, bing, yahoo or any search engine to look for Facebook support. Then, I would suggest you not to do it ever. However, if you think about searching for it again. Therefore, keep this in your mind, that there is no such thing as Facebook support for your free Facebook accounts. You will find a lot of bogus stuff online when you go to any search engine like google, yahoo, bing, etc. They all are honey traps so never fall for them.

Therefore, some websites also promote Facebook support phone numbers, those websites are all fake and when you dial that number, that means you are already in trouble. So, I have also mentioned in my previous articles, whatever free things you find online like games, social networking, email services, etc. You are not going to have any support for free things because providing support for something which is free is going to bankrupt the business.

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