Why Is Facebook So Slow

Why Is Facebook So Slow

There are two major reasons, why is Facebook so slow.
The main cause of this problem is the internet speed. So you can try checking your internet speed using any web application like fast.com. So if you find Facebook so slow then perform the following steps:-
*Make sure you are not using any VPN application or VPN plugin on your browser and if you find one try turning it off or get rid of it by uninstalling.

  • Clear cookies and cache from the browser history.
  • Close the other tabs from your browser.
    *See if any download is underway on your device.
    *Check whether your device is receiving any update.
    *Try checking your RAM usage.
  • Try restarting the browser.
  • check the browser proxy setting.
  • Clear the temp file from the device.
  • Run disk cleanup.
  • Check the host file.
    *Reset your browser.
    *Restart your Wireless router.

The Facebook servers are maintained once in a year anytime it could result and arise this question, why is Facebook slow. Or the Facebook servers sometimes get sluggish due to heavy load of users or some kind of DoS attack (Denial-Of-Service attack). So try to avoid using Facebook at that particular time. You can try using it after some time like an hour or two. If you need any help then talk to our expert at Help Desk.

Note: If you need instant help then contact Facebook support live chat. Chat with our experts and get your issues resolved.

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Why Is Facebook So Slow

For iPhone or Smartphone Users (Facebook Mobile App)

If you have done the above-mentioned steps then Facebook would work perfectly fine. Most of the time people notice that Facebook so slow. The reason could be an issue with the router you are using. If you are connected on a Wi-Fi and you observe that your Applications are running slow or Facebook so slow. There could be an issue with the DNS (Domain Name Server).

Step 1: Setup Google DNS

why is facebook so slow
change Google DNS settings

Enter the Google DNS settings on your network page. Go to your network settings on your i-Phone. Then click on change DNS settings . Enter inside DNS field. Then after doing it. Try to restart your phone. Open Facebook mobile app once. Now you will notice that your question has already got an answer (why is Facebook so slow ).

Step 2: Reset Network Settings

If changing the DNS is not working in your case, then consider resetting the network settings. Just follow the steps below.

why is facebook so slow
Reset network settings
  • Go to the General option from your iPhone.
  • At the bottom, you will find an option: Reset Network Settings. So click on it.
  • It will prompt you with a password lock screen if you have one.
  • Enter your password and restart your iPhone.
  • After resetting the network you may open the Facebook app.

Step 3: Re-Add Facebook Account

why is facebook so slow
Re-Adding Facebook App

This is the last step which you can try. If the above-mentioned steps are not working and still Facebook is running slow. Many people find the first step to being effective or the second step. So, just navigate to the Facebook app. You can delete the Facebook account from your iPhone and re-add the Facebook account. Once you delete your Facebook account, restart your iPhone. After restarting, go to the Apps-store and download the Facebook app.

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