How to create a Facebook business page

how to create a Facebook business page

How to create a Facebook business page

If you’ve been thinking about how to create a Facebook page for your business. But if you’re not sure where to start. Then stay tuned as I’m going to show you step-by-step techniques. So this article will help you to understand how to create a Facebook business page. It will also help you to create a fully-fledged business page that will be ready to generate some fresh leads.

So, hate it or love it, Facebook is still the most popular social media network in the world and with over 2 billion active users it’s one of the best places to promote your business. One of the simplest and effective ways of doing that is with a free Facebook business page.

Above all, in this article, we talk about the best tools and tips and ways to help you promote your local business online step by step and click by click. After that, we will cover everything that any local business owner needs to know from search engine optimization to social media. Our goal is to help you thrive online so you can drive more visitors to your business and ultimately make more money.

How to create a Facebook business page

Before we start you need to understand you can’t create a business page on Facebook unless you have a personal Facebook account attached to it this is because Facebook requires every business page to have at least one administrator to manage the page and this is only feasible by tying a Facebook business page with a personal account. Before you ask anyone seeing your business page will not be able to trace it back to your personal profile as they are two separate entities so you can relax.

Let’s jump right in step number one setting up your page. Head over to Facebook. If you haven’t got a Facebook account yet create one it only takes a couple of minutes if you already have an account just log in to your profile.

1. Setting Up You Page

Photo of creating a page
Photo on how to create a Facebook business page
Photo of selecting brand category

So once you’ve logged in in the top blue ribbon click on the create the link and select the page option and this will bring you to a screen where you will be given the choice of creating your page between two categories. The first category is called business or brand you should select this category if you are a business of any size or type that sells services or products. If you are a public figure, a musician, a sports team, a church group, or any kind of organization you should select the second option community or public figure. Since this article is mainly targeted at local business owners so, let’s choose business or brand.

Next step is choosing a name for your page what you want to do here is to use your business name. In this article we are going to create a page for a fictitious hairdresser that we are going to call Planet Hairdressing.

The next thing you need to do is to pick the right business category that best represents your business. Just start typing what you think. The catering should be and select the appropriate one based on the suggestions. Add the address where your business is located. The phone number is optional. So it’s up to you but my recommendation would be to add it then click Next.

You will then be asked to add a profile picture and a cover photo skip these steps for now. Your page is now set up and live on Facebook for everyone to see at this stage it looks very bare and doesn’t really reflect your business at all that’s why I would recommend to unpublish it until we have finished creating it.

Photo of how to create a Facebook business page on general visibility settings
Photo of general visibility settings

Just go to settings in the general tab choose page visibility. Click on edit select page unpublished and click Save. Select the reason why you want to unpublish your page and click on next then click on unpublish and close the dialog box. Then on the top left hand side click back on the page link which will take you back to your newly created page.

2. Branding Your Page

Photo on how to create a Facebook business page on editing the profile picture.
Photo of adding a profile picture
Photo of Canva custom design creation

So, The first thing we’re going to do is add a profile picture to your page. So, your profile picture will appear on every post or comments that you make across Facebook using your Facebook business page. So that’s why it’s a good idea to add your logo in there. The ideal size is currently at 360 pixels by 360 pixels. If you do not have any logo available but yet want to make your page look as professional as possible here is a little tip you can use head over to a website called Canva and log in using your Facebook account.

Once logged in on the left hand side menu click on create a design and choose the custom dimension option. In the fields set the dimensions to be 360 and 360 so it fits the profile picture of your Facebook page perfectly and choose px which stands for pixels then click on create a design. This will take you to a design area where you can start making your logo by simply dragging and dropping elements directly on the canvas I personally love Canva as a tool and use it regularly because you can design pretty much anything very easily using their free pre-made templates and images.

To add a cover to our page let’s follow the same process and go back to Canva. This time we don’t even need to specify the dimension because canva has already set this up as a default design in its library. Just click on create a design and search for Facebook cover once again.

Choose something in relation to your business and modify it according to your needs. Try keeping the same colors and font so it looks consistent with your profile picture. Within canva you can also add images that make your work even more professional. Once you’re done go back to your Facebook page click on the add a cover button load your Facebook cover you just created in canva and save it just like your profile picture. For those of you who don’t want to use canva and need to know the exact dimensions of the cover photo, they are 820 pixels by 312 pixels.

Our page is now looking a lot better and nicely fits with our brand the last step before we move on to our next step. If you click on your Facebook cover you can add a description of the image tag some people who are in it add a link to your site and write comments. This can be particularly useful when people decide to share your cover as it will give you an opportunity to direct people to your website or simply give them more information.

Photo on how to create a Facebook business page
Photo on how to create a Facebook business page

3. Add a Call to Action Button to Your Page

On every Facebook page, there is an option to add a call to action button located right below your cover photo. This is a great opportunity to encourage your visitors to take action such as visiting your website, make a booking, learn more about your business and overall help generate more leads and in return increase sales.

Photo on how to create a Facebook business page on adding call to action button
How to create a Facebook business page. Photo of adding call to action button

To select the type of call to action you want to add just click on add a button. You should see a list of categories you can choose from within each category you have several options available. Browse through the various categories and select the most appropriate one for your business. In my example I want people to call the salon directly to book a hair appointment, so I am going to choose the contact us category and the call now option then add my phone number and save. Anyone tapping on this button from their phone will trigger a call to my business so I can schedule an appointment with them.

How to create a Facebook business page

4. Complete Your Business Details.

Very often when you are searching for a local business in Google, one of the first results that come up organically is a Facebook business page. This is because Facebook is so dominant that it will trump many other results in Google’s organic search results even your own website. That’s why it’s important you fill in all possible information on your page as it is likely to be the first impression you will give to your visitors.

Photo of About section
Photo of editing the About section

So, the good news is it’s very simple to do. So, just go to your page and on the left-hand side menu, select the about the option. If you can’t see the option just click on see more that will expand the menu then select about.

Photo on how to create a Facebook business page on adding business details.
How to create a Facebook business page. Photo of adding business details

Right below your call-to-action button click on the link edit page info and fill in all your business details including a short description of your page, your website address, your business email address, your opening hours, and everything else that is blank.

Still, in the About section add your business story to give relevance and context to visitors who want to find out about you. Add an image some great copy with relevant keywords and another link to your website in there.

5. Interact With Your Audience With Automated Messages

One great thing about running a business page is that you can interact with your audience even when you are not online which is very useful. When you are a busy local business owner first you can display a greeting message that people will see the first time they open a conversation with you on messenger.

Photo of editing custom responsive message
Photo of turning on responsive assistant

To set this up just click on your page setting option on the top right-hand side. Choose the messaging option and click on the jump to your section link next to the response assistant. Turn on the show a messenger greeting option and customize your message by clicking on the Change button. An example of the message your visitors will see automatically appears here to change it to whatever you want. You can customize it further. Personalize your message by using the dynamic options in the copy which is a very nice touch.

Photo of editing automated message
Photo of writing custom message

So, let’s choose the first name option. So anyone opening a conversation with you will receive the following greeting which includes their first name and if somebody responds to the greeting and you’re not available. So, to start a conversation or answer their questions, you can set up the response assistant functionality. Then this will send instant replies to any message. After that to set this up, just click on the go to automated responses link switch on the instant reply button. So, click on edit to write your own message. You can also automate some of the answers which is great. Once you’re done click on save. Then on the top left-hand side click back on your page.

6. Configure Your Page Menu

How to create a Facebook business page. Photo of configuring page menu

By default Facebook will set up your page with a standard navigation menu on the left hand side. You can customize this upon your needs and your business type.

Photo of editing the default menu

So, just go to your page settings and select the template and tab option. Then if you scroll down you will see a list of the default options available in your current menu. So, if I put my Facebook business page side-by-side with the menu settings you can see what we are talking about. Then to change the ordering simply drag-and-drop the menu tab you want to move. So, let’s say I want the offer tab to sit right at the top to entice more customers. All I need to do is grab the component. So, drop it right at the top just refresh your page and you’ll see the changes.

7. Time To Publish Your First Post

Photo of publishing the page

Your page is now all ready to go. It’s now time to start making the most of it. Publish a few posts but before you do that remember one thing. At the beginning of this article, we made this page private. So it’s time to make it available to the world. Go to your page settings once more and in the general tab select page visibility. Then click on edit tick the page published option and save changes. After that go back to your page and publish your first post. So once you’ve published a few posts. Then your page looks like it’s active and now it’s time to move on to our final step.

8. Invite Your Friends and Create a Vanity URL

Above all, Facebook will suggest you invite friends to like your page this is a good idea for three reasons:

  1. It will give your page an initial boost and help gather some momentum since you currently have 0 followers.
  2. So your friends might share the page with their friends which will amplify your reach.
  3. When you reach 25 likes you will be able to create a vanity URL. If you don’t know what a vanity URL is let me explain.
How to create a Facebook business page. Photo of creating vanity URL for business page
How to create a Facebook business page. Photo of creating vanity URL for business page

So, to do this just click on the link called to create a page at username under your profile picture. After that, it will trigger a pop-up in which you can set up a memorable username. Then it will be easy to remember the address of your page in the username field. So add your business name without any space and then click on create a username. Above all, if you see a red man telling you that you are not eligible? It is because you haven’t reached 25 likes yet so keep trying until you get there. To be honest it’s super easy after that your Facebook page will be a hundred percent complete.

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